What you should know about Houston, Texas

Texas is a peculiar state, everything you’ve ever imagine or seen in movies about Texas is true, it is all about cowboys and boots, and, besides all this stereotype, we are talking about the second biggest state (population) in America, Houston is one of the main cities to visit there. What to do? You will find out now!  

1- Shop, shop, shop!  

Let’s begin this article with something tourists just love doing when they are in the city: go shopping.

Forbes says that it is the best American town to shop, if Forbes says it, then, it is true.

If you are into it, good news: the city is perfect for that. Here are the main places to do it:

- The Galleria

- Highland Village

- Uptown Park

- River Oaks Shopping Center

2- When is the best time to visit?  

Like any city of Texas, Houston has real hot summers, and it may be not a good idea to visit there this time. The rainy months are June and October and in the winter is not that cold.

3- How to get there:  

Houston has its own airport, IAH, with flights from all over the world.

4- Where to stay:  

If you are in the city for the very first time, the center is the best option, it is where you will find the historical part of the city, some parks, stadiums, and over 200 restaurants you can check. Be ready to love downtown Houston!

5- The tourist hot spots:  

Houston is loved by the tourists, and the places where they most enjoy visiting are:

List of the best museums to visit:  

- Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

- The Children’s Museum of Houston

- Houston Museum of Natural Science

List of Parks/Zoos:

- Houston Zoo

- Hermann Park

- Downtown Aquarium

Other fun places:

- NBA Houston Rockets

- MLB Houston Astros

Ready to love Houston? Welcome to Texas, you all!