What to do in Niagara Falls

There are many places to visit in Niagara Falls besides the main attraction, the waterfalls. We are not saying you shouldn’t visit the waterfalls, actually you must do it. But in today’s article we will talk about the place’s main attraction (obviously) and some other spots tourists enjoy visiting in the Canadian city.  

Pay attention at or list and pic your favorite one:

1- Old Fort Niagara: 

The perfect choice for those who like history, the site is located at the United State’s side, and has been many wars, like the iconic American Revolution. Nowadays, the Fort is a must go in western New York.

There is a visitor center there, where you can find out many curiosities and discover several new things about the old times, it is also possible to take a tour and explore the underground rooms. A full plate for the history lovers.

2- Niagara Glen Nature Reserve: 

A beautiful and massive park, that is the definition of Niagara Glen Nature Reserve, and the good news? Visiting the spot is free.

Being in contact with nature is a getaway from all the crowds you can possibly find in Niagara Falls.

Maybe you will enjoy more the park in the summer, the spot is a great place to watch the sunset, but in the winter is also a great place to spend an afternoon.

3- Skylon Tower:  

When you are considering visiting Skylon Tower it is because you are probably over seeing the Falls so many times, but seeing Niagara Falls from the tower will change it all, because you will watch it from another perspective: from the top, the tower is 775-high.

To get in the top, it is necessary to buy the tickets; CA$15.02 (about $12) for adults and CA$9.22 (about $7.50), and there is a restaurant there too.

 Ready to visit Niagara Falls and visit some places that are not the Falls?