Vienna's night: 5 things to do

Vienna is a unique city, the Austria’s capital is full of history with a beautiful and historical architecture. The city receives many tourists from all around the world, if you are thinking about being one of them, pay attention to our tips.  

It is very easy to think about the cool things you can do in the city while the sunlight stills shining, but in the night? The city gets even better and brighter (with the city lights, of course!)

1- Visit a museum: 

The museums in Vienna are very famous for not closing too early. You can absolutely visit the museums at late in the evening, and sometimes it won’t be as crowded as in the daylight.  

Most of them stay open till 9 or 10 o'clock.

2- Opera: 

If you are going to Vienna and you are not even considering to spend a night at the opera, you are doing it wrong!

The Vienna State Opera is one of the most popular opera houses in the world, with a good localization, the Opera is right in the Vienna’s center.

Buy a ticket, put on some gala dress and get there a little bit earlier, that is what we suggest, the place can get very crowded.

The auditorium is impeccable and you will feel like a millionaire chilling in the old days.

3- Eat a sachertorte: 

The most famous pie of Vienna has a very funny and peculiar history, the legend says that the pie was created for an Austrian prince, who loved desserts. In 1832, Franz Seacher made the first cake and called it as Sachertorte.

The Sachertorte is made with chocolate and apricot jam filling and everybody who visits the city, have to eat it! It is unmissable.

4- Giant ferris wheel:  

One of the most importants symbols of the city, the Risenrad is almost 65 meters tall and you can have a perfect view of the city.

If you are in to it, you can previously book a reservation in a luxury cabin for breakfast, dinner or cocktails while you are admiring the skyline.

5- Have a glass of Austria’s wine:

Vienna is the Wine’s capital, the city has many viticulture and grapes have been cultivated there since a long time ago, the people there truly have a “wine culture".

You can taste the wine in some bar or restaurant of the city, there are many options.