Vienna’s reopening: the latest news

The number of coronavirus cases has recently dropped a lot since the beginning of the pandemic in march, for this reason, Austria has officially reopened its border on June 16. As the capital of the country, Vienna couldn’t be out of the tourism reopening plan.  

If you are planning a trip to the beating heart of Europe, keep reading the article because here you will find many useful information for your next trip.

Everything is different in Vienna -actually, all around the world-! But that is not a surprise anymore, right? As time passes by, travelers are starting to get adapted to these new rules they may follow when travelling.

Just before the summer season ends, Vienna is welcoming tourists. After a big lockdown, we can say that right the city is living again, with the reopening of museums, bars, restaurants and hotels. But what are the new rules?

The city claims that the travelers are landing in a safe destination right now, followed by the new safety and health protocol, also, the city is part of the "Safe Travels", initiative of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

The new rules:

Almost everything about the tourism infrastructure is opened right (museums and tourist sites). But the rules are clear:  

- Face masks must be wear all the time

- The ples must work with less people of its capacity

 - It is very important that the visitors keep the social distancing from a person

The museums:

Vienna is a city full of art, and we all may need a little bit of art in these hard times, places where our imagination can travel and land in magical lands. What a better place than museums? Good news, they are now open.

Just warm for you: the museums are open but given the difficult situation we are going through right now some of them have changed their opening hours, informe yourself before visiting.

Public transportation:

Vienna’s public transportation is working, but masks are required on all buses, trains, metros and inside of stations.

The trip can still be good:

For now, try to choose for outdoor visitings, like some parks, beautiful streets and similar places. When it is time to have a meal, choose outdoor tables in restaurants, it is safer for you and the others. After all, it is summer, it’s better to do outdoor activities.

Don’t you worry, soon this pandemic will be over and the trips will go back to what we are used to. For now, try to have fun with what we have.