Top 5 tourist attractions in Perth, Australia

The true must be said: many people don’t know about Perth’s existence, because the city is not that famous as Sydney or Brisbane, for example. But, the good news is that Perth will surprise you, with many cool actives to do and fun spots to visit.

 The first difference about Perth is the size of the city, it is not that big as others in east cost, which may be an attractive point for those who are tired o crowded places and too many people on the street.   

In today’s article we’ve made a list of 5 main attractions in Perth, you just can’t miss a visit to these 5 places, take a look:   

1- Bell Tower:

The Bell Tower Building is actually a museum nowadays, it is one of the main attraction in the city, the tourists really love to visit the tower where over 10 historical bells are. 

The tower is located close to the Swan River, right next to the Elizabeth Quay Square, and it is necessary to buy tickets to get in.  

2- King's Park: 

We are talking about the largest park in whole south hemisphere. The place is huge, and there is a list of things you can do there. You should definitely check some War’s Memories, the Glass Arced Bridge and the Women’s Pioneer Memorial.

Besides all that, there is also a trail to take, called Bellevue Terrace, and you can also have a coffee in the park, or just relax, read a book, infinite options!   

To get in the park is for free. 

3- Scarborough Beach:

30 minutes away from the center of the city, you can check many beautiful beaches, like Scarborough, our tip is to go there in the morning, it is the best hour of the day to relax on the beach. 

Like we said before and it includes the beaches, Perth is way less crowded, so even in the summer that there are many people in the beach, it is not that crowded as Sidney’s beaches, for example.  

Don’t forget to watch the sunset, it's really beautiful from the beach. 

4- Swan Valley:

Are you up to meet one of the oldest wineries in Australia? It is online 30 minutes driving from Perth! It is a great option for the wine’s lovers, there are over 40 wineries to visit.

 5- King Street:  

Finally, the place to shop in Perth. Many fancy stores and restaurants can be found there, just enjoy it!