Top 5 things to do in Washington

Are you planning trip to US capital once the quarantine is over? This article was made specially for you. Here you will check the top 5 places where you must go, places where you will definitely have the best time ever.  

Washington is full of history, where you can find out many curiosities in every corner. So, let’s get started? Check it out!  

1- Rent a bike:  

Once you are in DC, you will probably hear “It is possible visit many places on foot, just go there walking". This affirmation is right, it is completely fine to do it, but here is what nobody says: the hot tourism spots are far one from the other, this can be disappointing.

Don’t you worry! We have the solution, rent a bike! The city has a good structure about that, and there are many located spots where you can take and leave your bike.    

Renting a bike is probably the best way to take a big look at the city.  

2- Washington Monument: 

This is the place where you will find the tallest obelisk in the world, it was built in honor of George Washington and you will have the best view of the skyline from the top.

It is definitely a place you have to check when visiting Washington, because it is part of the city’s history.

3- White House: 

99,9% of the people who visited Washington probably have taken a picture in front of the White House, it is the main tourist attraction in the city. The president’s house has a beautiful backyard. The house is huge, with 132 bedrooms and 35 bathrooms!

 4- Pennsylvania Ave: 

A wonderful place to spend some time and have lunch, the Pennsylvania Ave has a big variety of places to eat, with options from all around the world; pizza, Mexican food, Chinese food and many others.

5- National Museum of Natural History:

A full plate for those who love history, the museum is divided according to thematic areas, with many pieces of history to check and learn more.

The best is yet to come: the ticket is for free!

Our top 5 is ready! Of course, Washington has literally others a thousand of great places to check and things to do, but we bet on these 5 previously cited. Some people say that the city is not worthy to visit and spend so much time, well, like we’ve seen: they are wrong! Washington can be a surprising and historical city to the tourists. After all, it is the capital of America!