Top 5 things to do in Santiago with your family

Thinking about go on a trip with your whole family? We are all aware that it may not be that easy, specially if you have children. But chill, in today’s article we will talk more about Santiago, and give some tips of 5 fun places you can visit in the Chile1s  Capital once you are travelling as a family. 

The first thing you have to consider is that the chosen place will pleasure the adults and the little ones, in the end of the day, it is supposed to be a fun trip to everyone.  

Santiago? Yes, the city has attraction for all ages, with many parks, museums and the famous Snowy Valley.

 Take a look at our top 3 attractions to visit with your family:  

1- Snowy Valley:  

Let’s start our #1 with the spot we have already cited here, Snowy Valley is the perfect choice if you are visiting Chile's Capital in the winter, -from June to September-. It is located 1 hour driving from Santiago, but is definitely worthy.

Adults and kids will have a lot of fun in the snow and you can learn how to ski, there is also possible to check Farellones, where you will find tubing and other actives that are focused on younger kids.

2- Central Market and the City’s Center:

You probably read this one and thought “why in the world would I want to take my children to the market if they hate it?" Relax and keep reading to have the answer. 

The market is located in the center of the city, where is the historical part and you can visit many spots, including the Art Museum and old buildings (kids love to hear about these old constructions), you will also check Casa de la Moneda, where your little ones will appreciate the soldiers with their uniforms.

After checking all these important spots, finally, the Central Market; where you will find a good food diversity, including sea food, kids love to eat and will have a lot of fun getting to know all of it.

In front of the market there are many llamas, the tourists love to take pictures with these animals.

3- Children’s Bicentennial Park: 

Almost every kid in the world loves a park, and the opportunity of running and playing and jumping and many other outdoor activities are possible in this park, that founded in 2010, in honor of Chile’s bicentenary independence.

The place is beautiful and modern, and it pleasures all the age groups. During the weekends, you can find food trucks there.  

It is not necessary to buy a ticket and the park is opened 24/7.

Ready to fall in love with Santiago with your kids? Enjoy our tips, and don’t forget to take many pictures to show tell when they grow old.