Top 5 places to visit in London

London is vibrant during the day and the night, here is a list of spots that you can’t miss while you are visting this so iconic city, we have options for who likes to shop, who loves history, who is an art lover and who is interested in movies, or if you are a Beatles fan.

1- Oxford Street: 

If you are here to shop this street is a great deal for you. The street has over 300 shops and many people visit there every day. You can find big department stores and other exclusives stores too. 

In the Christmas, the street is decorated with a lot of lights and shining objects. 

2- Galleries:

Do you love art? You will love London as well. The city has the best of the best when we are talking about classic and contemporary art. The National Gallery is free for all the visitors, The place contains works by Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh and others. The Royal Academy of Arts is a great choice if you are in to watch a big show; in 2016, they created the “Abstract Expressionism show". If you want to learn more about the history of the British art, you should check the Tate Britain. 

3- Visit the Harry Potter Studio: 

You’ll find out about the Harry Potter story behind the cameras, the best part is that everything was really part of the movie (including objects and clothes), maybe that’s why this is such a magical tour. 

You will see the 9 3/4 platform in the flash, including the train that Hermione, Harry and Rony met for the first time. 

  4- Abbey Road: 

Even if you are not a Beatles fan (seriously!). I mean, you are at a place where The Beatles were once there, you have to at least take a picture to show your future generations. It might seem like just a crosswalk, but actually, it is a tourist attraction. People from all over the planet go there because in 1969 Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr crossed the street and took a photo for the album cover called Abbey Road (surprise).  

  5- London Eye: 

You’ll probably see the best skyline you have ever seen in your entire life, the London eye is an observation wheel located on the South Bank of the River Thames. It has 23 capsules. You can get your private capsule with your family or friends from £ 450, you can get married in capsule, make your birthday party, and other options. The cheaper is from £27, it is the standard ticket. 

In the night, the observation wheel gets all shiny, with a lot of colorful lights, it gets really beautiful.