Top 5 places to visit in Frankfurt

 With one of the largest airports in the world, you might think about Frankfurt as just a work destination, but the city is actually a very good place to have an idea about how Germany is and how things run around the country.  

If you are visiting Frankfurt be prepared to meet a really incredible city, and in today’s article we will give you 5 options of places to visit. Take a look:

1- Romerberg: 

The principal square in Frankfurt, located in the historic center of the city, it is also where is located the Saint Nicolau church and a building called Romer, one of the most importants around the city, because it is the city hall since the 15th century.

During the Second War this area was completely destroyed, but after it went through a rebuilt process.

2- Main Tower: 

As the name says, the Main Tower is the highest observatory point in the city, you can view the Germany’s perfect skyline, including some famous spots, like the Shopping My Zeli, the Esierner Steg bridge, the Rommer, the KaiserDom, and so many others.

The building has 56 floors and its constructions was finished in 1999..

To get in, you will have to pay 7,50 euros and it is opened from sunday to thursday from 10am to 9pm and friday and saturday from 10am to 11pm

3- Bockenheimer Warte Station:  

It may seem a little weird to visit a subway station, right? But the Bockenheimer Warte is worth your attention because of its architecture. It seems like the stations is getting out of the floor.

4- Kleinmarkthalle: 

If you like the art of eating, you must visit the city’s market. It is that kind of place the tourists love, where you will new tastes.

When visiting the market during the weekend it is possible to find a really crowded place, but still a very fun experience.

The kleinmmarkthalle is also located at the center of the city, and it was also destroyed in the war, but rebuilt in 1954, almost ten years later.

5- Goethe’s house: 

Who said Frankfurt is all about meetings and places to work? The city has many cultural places, including some art museums, and this is one of them. This is the house where the german writer was born and lived his entire life.

The house is right next to the museum, in the Grosser Hirschgraben 23. Have easy access, you can take the subway and get off in the Hauptwache station.

You will take about 1 hour in the tour.

Did you like our tips? We selected only 5 places to check, but the city has many others interesting spots. Make sure to have a lot of fun in Frankfurt.