Top 5 attractions to take kids in Houston

As a parent, we are all well aware that taking our children to a trip isn’t always the easiest task, these little angels can get really bored sometimes and just won’t let the adults have fun.  

If you ended up here in this article, you are probably having these thoughts about the city of Houston. Don’t you stress out! This Texan city is rich with fun events to take your kids where both of you and them can have a real great time.

Now we will be sharing a list with 5 of these places, enjoy it:

1- Splashway Waterpark & Campground:  

This destination is definitely somewhere to visit as a family because literally everybody loves a splashway, both adults, kids and even teenagers.

There are two options to have fun here, you can either come for the day, or stay some nights in the campgrounds.

This is the highest rated vacay spot in Texas, where you can find a list of attractions, including: high-thrill world class sliders, splash pads, and so many other ones.

2- Houston Zoo:  

Houston’s Zoo is named one of the 10 best zoos in the United States. Every kid in the world loves visiting a Zoo, this one won’t be different, especially because Houston Zoo gives the kid a “nose to nose" experience with animals. Besides that, the Zoo has many ecotic animals.

3- Children's Museum of Houston:  

Kids in a museum? Yes! Get ready for an adventure where your children will have the opportunity to have fun in a place featuring 90,000 square feet of interactive. There are history culture, health stuff, arts, and so many other themes to learn about in the museum.

4- Space Center Houston:  

Ready to blow your children’s minds? Take them to Space Center Houston.

There is a place created, called, Kis Space Place, where they will learn everything about the history of space and also can have the experience of feeling just like an astronaut in space.

5- Hermann Park:  

Spending a day in the park with kids is so much fun, there are so many things you guys can do, including: have a picnic, do outside activities, ride a bike, take a trip at the pedal boating or maybe enjoy a peaceful moment in the japanese garden the park has.

After this list of activities it is hard to come up with a reason why you wouldn't take your kids to Houston, right? The fun is totally guaranteed!