Top 3 ways to save money in Sydney

We have to admit it, Sydney is a very expensive city. Actually one of the most expensive in the whole world. Living in Sydney can be as expensive as living in London, for an example. However, there is no reason the stress out, because it is not impossible to save some money while you travelling to Sydney. 

To help you with that we selected 3 really important tips. Take a look:

 1- Stay in hostels, you will love it: 

Sidney has really good options when we are talking about hostels, like the Base Sidney, that is very close to the center of the city, the Bondi Beach backpackers that is perfect for the surfer gang, only 20 minutes away from the beach, or the Westend Backpackers, located in Downton Sidney. Or other many hostels options Sidney has. The good news is: The majority of these places has breakfast included.

You might want to stay in a fancy hotel, but leave that desire at home. Hostels are the best way to meet new people, to find good things to do, and make friends.

You will find great options, where you can stay in rooms for 30 dollars a night, enjoy it.

 2- Catch Uber and get an Opal Card: 

An Opal Card is the best way to hop on and hop of public transportation, is like any other city card. It is free to get one and its cheaper than buying tickets every day you are travelling, then, you are saving a really good money.

Catching an Uber is a really good choice to do when Taxis around Sydney are really expensive, so the Ubers are a great option when public transportation isn’t a choice to the place you are going to.

 3- Free museums and free tours: 

 Here is a list of free museums you can visit:

-The Art Gallery of New South Wales

-The Rocks Discovery Museum

-The Maritime Museum

-Museum of Contemporary Art

-The Maritime Museum

All of them are great choices and you do not have to make such an effort to visit.

Another good way to save money is taking a free walking tour, where you will visit the biggest city’s highlights.

 Ready to Sydney? Do not be scared just because the city is expensive, you can still (and definitely will) have a lot of fun and visit incredible places. Have a good trip!