Top 3 places to visit in Phoenix in a few hours

Travelling is the best thing that has ever been invented, having the possibility to visit countries and cities all around the world is a gift. Sometimes, this trip doesn't have the duration  we want it to have and we may have the possibility to spend only a few hours in a city, but that is not a problem, because it still being a good trip.  

If you are thinking about visiting Phoenix, in Arizona, this article was made specially for you. Here we will teach how to spend a few hours, with this top 3 attractions you just can’t miss around the city.  

1- Desert Botanical Garden:   

Right on the side of the Tempe, you will see the main stars of Arizona: its cacti. The Garden is so beautiful and you will not want to leave, but spending 3 hours there is more than enough. Rememeber that you only have a couple of hours! 

If you want to escape from the hot warm, visit during the end of the day or in the beginning of the night.

You will the possibility to see more than 5 thousand of kinds of plants, that only exists in desert.

Yes, you will have a very interesting experience exploring the flora in a desert.

To end the tour, there is a store, a place where the garden lovers truly miss their minds.

2- Musical Instrument Museum:  

You will spend half of the day in this one because the museum is located about 20 miles north of downtown Phoenix. Visiting this masterpiece is one opportunity to check a collection with over 6 thousand instruments from each side of the world.

It is definitely worth, but, like we said: you will spend a lot of time here.  

3- Camelback Mountain: 

One of the highest points in the whole city, Camelback Mountain is located in Echo Canyon Park and with more 2,700 feet in elevation, the top of it is the best place to have the perfect skyline from Phoenix.

You don’t need to reach the top, there is no necessity to scale it, just the view of the mountain is beautiful and will ensure you many amazing photos in a mountain in the desert.

That was our top 3, we have to remind you that are many other amazing spots to visit in Phoenix, but, if you are just having in the city for some hours, we bet you will not regret these 3. Have a nice trip!