The coolest things to do in Madrid

Are you planning a Eurotrip? You know you have to visit Spain, right? And Madrid is Spain’s Capital, so you have to go there! Spain is a big city, where you can find a lot of cool and interesting things to do and many places to visit. With so many amazing spots, sometimes it is hard to decide where to go/what to do, but in this article we will help you! Keep reading and you’ll know where you definitely have to check in Madrid

1- Plaza Mayor:  

Spain is well known by its Squares and the Plaza Mayor is a must go square. The place is surrounded by restaurants, cafes and bars. If you are visiting the city in the warm months, like June, you may want to have a beer but if you are there in the winter, you’ll probably want to have cup of tea. Both of them are a good options!

The square starts to be a point in the city at 2pm and it lasts the whole night, a lot of street artists show them performances in the square.

2- Palacio Royal:  

From 1700 to 1900 the Royal Palace of Madrid was the Spain king’s house. The place is huge, considered the biggest palace in the continent.

The visitors get really impressed with the luxury of the Castle, and there is a a lot of visitors, so if you want to avoid staying in big lines, try to get there as soon as possible.

3- Queen Sofia Arts Center:  

In spanish, it is called Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. The place is a real masterpiece for those who are interested in Art. The most famous painting in the Museum is Guernica, not only famous because of how interesting the painting is, but there is a lot about its political context too.

In the museum has a lot of PIcaso and Dali’s work, it is very worthy the view.

4- Santiago Bernabeu Stadium: 


Even if you don’t support the club, you have to visit the stadium of Real Madrid. If you are lucky enough and are up to spend some money, get a ticket to watch some game in the stadium if you just want to check the stadium and learn more about the history, you can take a tour, which includes: getting inside the football players dressing room, it is possible to visit the trophy collection and a really good panoramics views of the stadium.

5- Have Tapas:  

You’ll read in every Madrid’s restaurant menu “Tapas" and your mind will be like “what is tapas???I have no idea!" We will explain to you. Tapas are small portions of food, it can be any food, can be hot food or hot food, for example: mixed olives, cheese, and other stuff.