The 3 best beaches to visit in Santorini

The whole world already know that Santorini is a paradise on earth, and all beaches there are beautiful, but in today’s article we will show the 3 places you must visit when you are visiting the island.  

1- Perivolos Beach:   

The beach is well known by the wedding receptions, many couples want to have their wedding in this beautiful and paradisiac beach. The place has a really good infrastructure, with many restaurants where you can spend the whole day if you are having a meal there.

The beach is a good place to watersports, like jet ski (it is possible to rent one). It is also very easy to get there, you can take a local bus, there is also some tours to discover the beach, starting from 45 euros.   

2- Amoudi Bay:  

It is probably one of the best places ever (all around the world) to watch the sunset. The site is very romantic to take your lover but also a good spot to enjoy your friends company.

Here is the tips to have the perfect day: wake up early and get there around 10am, it is the perfect moment to enjoy the morning sun, take a dip in the ocean and enjoy it as much as you can. After that, around 1 o'clock, start looking for a restaurant where you can have your meal, pick one of them (maybe you will have a hard time because they all seem great). 

After you have finished your lunch, go back to the bay, find a good spot and don’t ever leave! (We mean it!!) The bay can get really crowded because many people want to watch the amazing sunset. Therefore, you are in Ammoudi Bay watching the sunset, enjoy it as most as you can.   

3- Red Beach: 

One of the most famous beaches in Santorini, the Red Beach is really impressive since the first look at it. First of all, seeing the red sand and black rocks is not something very ordinary to see in life, it only happens sometimes, so, be prepared to take many pictures.

This beach is different from the others we have cited, it doesn't have a good infrastructure, with restaurants and stores, the Red Beach is isolated., you may want to bring your own food and drink.  

Which one is your favorite? We know, it is hard to pick, here is the key: visit all of them!