Summer in NYC; the best things to do

 Some people say that the best time to visit New York City is in the winter, because of the Christmas lights, the beautiful decoration and the snow… But, on the other hand, we must remember that the city that never sleeps glows in the summer, and the warm days make everything feels better.  

If you are planning to visit NYC From July to September- the months of the summer-, you will totally fall in love, with the many attractions you can check.

In today’s article, we will show some places where you will totally have the best time ever, check it out:

1- Central Park:  

This recommendation is pretty obviously, but it must be cited because there is nothing like the Central Park in the summer, you just can’t miss it. There are many things you can do in the park, for example:

Ride a bike: It is probably the best way to get around in the park

Have Lunch: there is a restaurant, right in the middle of the Central Park, it is called The Loeb Boathouse, a very charming place by the lake.

Have a picnic in the Sheap Meadow, a big green area of the park.

Ride a boat to take a tour in the lake

Take a walk or do some exercises.

Something we know for sure, the Central Park is the main spot of the city in the summer.

 2- Watch a baseball game: 

Baseball is the sport of the summer in the US and the season starts in April till October, watching a game is something the locals and tourists really love to do, the ticket is not expensive and the stadiums get totally crowded.

It is not only about the game, it is a good opportunity to spend 3 hours drinking, eating and enjoying the stadium.

New York City has to baseball teams, New York Yankees and New York Mets.

3- Visit a rooftop bar:  

Specially if you are visiting the city with some friends, this is a gold tip. Just picture it: A hot day of the summer, the sunset, New York City, many drinks and your friends, everything in the same place, and the best part: you are all watching the beautiful view of the big apple. 

Here are two bars where the rooftops are really worth it:  

 - 230 Fifth: Located right in front of the Empire State Building, it is one of the most famous rooftops in the city.

 - Sky Room: This other one is located in the Times Square.

Well, the summer is coming and NYC is waiting for you.