Summer in Lisbon: The 5 best attractions

There is nothing in the world like spending a summer in Europe and it includes Portugal, a beautiful country, with a lot of stories to tell. If you are interested in spending some time there you must put Lisbon, the country’s capital, on your travel plan.  

The city became one of the most wanted destinations in summer, that starts in july and ends in september when the sun brings a lot of joy and happiness to the portugueses, after all, it is the most expected time of the year.   

There are endless possibilities of attractions in the city, for all the tastes, those who want to visit a beach or those who are interested in having good nights out. Since there are so many options, we’ve decided to share with you in this article 5 suggestions of places to visit in Lisbon, check it out now:

1- Visit a park:  

Lisbon is a big city, with buildings, pollution and crowded spaces, therefore there is nothing better than having a relaxing time in a park. It is like a runaway, an escape from the crazy life the metropolis offers to us.

Here is a list with 5 parks in Lisbon to spend a day in the sun:

- Edward VII Park

- Tropical Botanical Garden

- Ajuda Botanical Garden

- Monsanto Forest Park

- Jardim da Estrela

2- Go to the beach: 

Some of us can only get happy in the summer once we are inside the ocean, and that’s not a problem in Lisbon because the city has many options close to the city.

The ones with the easiest access are the beaches of Cascais, but if you have the possibility to rent a car, visit Costa da Capariga, one of Europe’s largest expanses of sand.

3- Commerce Square: 

In portuguese is called “Praça do Comércio", is the biggest square in the city, it is a great option to have a meal, the tourists from all around the world are obsessed with this place.

4- Visit the Oceanarium:

You are about to visit one of the most magical places on earth, the Lisbon’s Oceanarium is one of the largest in the world, with 5 million litres of seawater. Spend half of a day there, you won’t regret it because both kids and adults are always impressed with this tour.

5-Lisbon’s Rooftops: 

The sunlight in Portugal lasts a lot, the sun goes down like 9pm. Therefore, enjoying an evening in a rooftop having some cocktails is always a good option for the night.