San Andres; what you should know about the island

If you are visiting Colombia and have plans to visit some islands, San Andres must be on your list. The first thought you have when you arrive in the island is how small the airport of Gustavo Roja Pinilla is, but that won’t make any difference in your trip, it is just a curious fact. 

As soon as you are out of the airport, you may want to take a cab to the center of the island, it is not far (also because the island is small too). If you are expecting to find a luxurious island, with fancy stores and big resorts; you are wrong. Just forget that image you have about Caribbean.

Of course, there are some resorts in San Andres, the Decamerons, but the island is actually really simple.

The sea:  

San Andres is famous by the colors of its ocean, people say that the sea has 7 colors, 7 blues, actually. The island is very tiny, if you spend some days there, it is possible to visit all the beaches and check with your own eyes how beautiful the sea is.

Where to eat:  

The colombian food is well known by having avocado, corns, bananas, and, of course, the sea food.

Here is some restaurants where you can have an excellent meal:

Miss Celia: a very popular restaurant, located right in the center of the island.

Aqua Beach Club: located in Cocoplum, the view of the restaurant is just amazing.

La Regatta Restaurant: Located in Nautico Club, the restaurant has a perfect view

The best time to visit:  

The sun keeps shining during the whole year in San Andres, but if you visit during may to june and september to december, it is possible to have to rainy days, but even in those moments, it keeps being very hot there.

Ready to San Andres?