Saint Croix; find out everything about this paradise

If you are into visiting places that many people don’t even know about its existence, we have a good suggestion: Saint Croix, located in the US Virgin Islands, the island is a perfect spot to relax and discover plenty fun actives to check.  

In today’s article we will cite some important tips for those who are planning a visit there.

Where is it located?

The island is located between Puerto Rico and Anguilla, to the South of the British Virgin Islands. It is important to say that the US Virgin Islands are a complex of: Saint Thomas, St John e Saint Croix, right in the middle of the Caribbean.

2 Basic important information: 

The official language is English, but you will see some people speaking Spanish on the island.

The coin used on the island is also the American dollar.

The best time to visit:  

The weather is always warm but Keep in mind that the hurricane season is from July to November, and the rainy months are March, May and September.

What to do in Saint Croix:

Tourists looking for a relaxing, calm and different experience will have their best life on the island. You will find a place full of culture, with historical monuments and funny facts about Saint Croix, it is really a different place from the ordinaries places tourists are always visiting.

You can take a horse ride in many spots of the island, visit the colonial church or just relax by the beach. 

The two most important cities on the island is Christiansted and Frederisksted, so, it is worthy to visit them both.  

There are over 30 beaches to visit on the island, if you are into have more privacy and have a relaxing day, choose the ones located close to Frederisksted and if you want to have outdoor activities, you will have a lot of fun close to Colony Cove or Chenay Bay

In Saint Croix, you will also find many great places to dive and many people offering some boat rides, both of them are worthy and fun.  

Where to eat on the island:  

Here are two restaurants you just can’t miss:  

The Wave at Cane Bay

Off the wall

Both of them have amazing meals and really delicious drinks.

Ready to meet this -almost- particular paradise?