Rotterdam in 24 hours: how to have fun

Sometimes we don’t have too much time to spend in a city, and sometimes we only have 24 hours, we start thinking: where am I supposed to go in such a short period? But don’t you worry. We will show 4 places you will love and have a lot of fun in Rotterdam. Take a look and enjoy city the most in these hours. 

 1- Centraal Station Rotterdam: 

If you are into architecture, you will spend hours just looking at the station. The building is just spectacular, and different than any other station you have already seen in your entire life.

The city decided to keep some old construction from the past, there is a big old clock in the station and the sign still the one from the old times.

In the station you can take a bus, train or the subway to other parts of the city, or go to another country, the station has many departures every single day, and it is place a lot of people go everyday.

 2- Museumpark: 

The place was projected by Rem Koolhaas, Paul de Ruiter and Yves Brunier in 2014, really recent. You should definitely visit a museum there, a really good tip is the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum, it is the oldest one and the most impressive too.

 3- Euromast: 

You will see the best view of Rotterdam, because it it's the biggest tower in the whole Netherlands, and you will take many pictures to show your friends. In the tower you will also learn some information about the city history, find out some curiosities.

In the tower, you will also find a very expensive hotel, and a restaurant.

 4- De Markthal: 

Are you hungry? You will have the time of your live in the market. You will have the best of the best when we are talking about food in the city. The place is modern with an amazing and delicious food; there are so many options to choose!

You will surprise yourself with the market, so many excellent different kind of foods to eat, and you can also find clothe stores there.

Take some hours to visit the market, because it is a very big place.

 Of course, the city has other places you would love to visit too, but once you are there, make sure you go to these 4 we have previously cited in this article.