Nashville is unmissable for the music lovers; find out why

Welcome to the city of music! In this article you will find out why Nashville is such a great place to the music fans, take a look at where are the principal points, you will feel a very good energy. 

 1- Broadway Street: 

We are not talking about the Broadway in New York City, the capital of Texas has it own street with the same name, and you will totally have a lot of fun. Why? The street has a crazy (the good kind, of course!) energy.

It is definitely the place where everything happens in the city, it is the place to find very good restaurants and bars, where you can listen to some live music. Don’t forget to order some beers and barbecue, the most ordered dish.

Besides that, you will feel the energy of the street when you are walking on the sidewalk, there are so many street artists singing there, playing guitar, piano and so many things! Do not forget to tip them. Support the art!

 2- Ryman Audition: 

Located at 116 5th Avenue North, it is also called as Grand Ole Opry House. The auditorium has 2363 seats and is a very important place in the city, in 1971 the place got in the list of Historical Places in the United States. Very important, right?

If you want to visit the place, there is an available tour, you will learn more about the history and find out all the famous bands that have already performed there.

 3- Johnny Cash Museum: 

Opened in April of 2013, in memory of the famous artist Johnny Cash, the museum has many personal items, including a rock from his house, you will listen to some tracks and watch some cool videos about him too.

The museum is opened from 9am to 7pm, 7 days a week. The general ticket is 20, 95 dollars, you can avoid the ticket line if you buy on the website.

 4- Historic RCA Studio B: 

What do you think about visiting the place where Elvis Presley recorded more than 200 tracks? Super cool, right? In the RCA Studio B you will have this opportunity, you can take a guide tour. Enjoy it!

 5- Open Mic Night: 

This musical city has many places where unknown artists go singing and you can do it too! It is very simple; the only thing you have to do is sign up before the show starts.

There are many open mic options, just find one you like and do it! Imagine if you are a star and this is your moment.

The city of music is waiting for you; make sure you are attending to the right spots. Have a nice musical trip!