Munich at night: find out how to have fun

One of the most festive cities in Germany, Munich has a lot to offer when we are talking about nightlife, the city has many cool places to visit if you are into have some drinks (especially beer) at night. Here are a little guide of things to do:  

1- Visit a square: 


During the sunlight, the squares are crowded with tourists looking for the hotspots and monuments of the city, when the night comes it still a crowded place, but with many young people looking for restaurants, bars or something fun to do.

In squares, you will find all of it. If you want to have a good date night, find some great restaurant and enjoy it, if you are looking for a night out with your friends, there are many bar options, just pick the one you find it better to go.

Two squares where you can spend the night: the Marienplatz and the Odeosnplatz.

2- Go to a bar:  

The city has a very impressive list of bars to choose, one of them will totally be all about your taste.

Munich has a tradition, the "biergartens", big spaces where everybody shares a table while drinking and tasting new kinds of beers from Germany.

Some places you can have this experience: Hofbrauhaus, Augustiner Braustuben, Hirschgarten and many other options.

3- Go to a nightclub:

You are in this beautiful and festive city, you have to check a nightclub, right? Here is a list of places where you and your friends will have lots of fun around Munich:

Call me Drella: The perfect place if you are a fan of electronic music. The nightclub opens at 9pm and closes at 6am, from thursday to saturday.

Filmcasino Restaurant: You read it right, this is a restaurant that turns into a nightclub after 11pm, located at the Odeonsplat, 8, the place is a very good option for you.

Pacha Munchen: There are many of them in the world, and this nightclub is always a very wanted place to have a good night. Always crowded, with good music and many dance floors, the Pacha Munchen will surprise you.

It is located at Maximiliansplatz, 5. From thursday till friday is opened from 6:30 pm till 6am, and on saturdays the nightclub starts 11pm and closes 6am too.

So, are you ready to have an amazing night in Munich? Don’t worry about coming home safe, the city is very good when talking about safety, and many people go back home walking.