Meet Charlotte City and feel the american vibes

This is the perfect destination if you want to feel the real american vibes in a place, Charlotte is not a very touristic city, therefore, many people claim that this is where the people will feel most like an American person.  

Located in North Carolina, the city is close to Atlanta (5 hours driving) and you can find an Amtrak station, where you can take trains to New York City and Washington DC

The city of Charlotte is very beautiful, clean and modern, with many tall buildings.  

Today’s article we will show places worthy the visit in Charlotte. You can check the 3 of them on the same day.

1- Blumenthal Performing Arts Center: 

Opened in 1992, in honor of the people who live in the state of North Carolina, the place started with the purpose to people have more entrainment in the city, it has done so good till these days is one of the most famous places in the whole city.

The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center has 6 theaters, with big capacities:

-Belk Theater: 2,097 

-Booth Playhouse: 434

-Stage Door Theater: 172

-McGlohon Theatre: 716

-Duke Energy Theater: 190

-Knight Theater: 1,193

2- Nascar hall of fame: 

The Nascar hall of fame is attached to the Charlotte Convention Center, the place is considered more than just a museum. Even if you are not a NASCAR fan, you will get impressed with the place, it is everything so enormous and shocking, just like the sport. Maybe that is why.

There are many tickets, with different experiences, just pick one that you like most.

3- Bank of America Stadium:  

Built for the NFL football, the place is the house of Carolina Panthers and the National Football League, is one of the oldest stadiums of NFL.

It started to be built in 1993, and opened in 1996, from this year to 2004 the place was called “Ericsson Stadium", because of the company but since 2004, the place signed with Banf of America.

The place have a cool historical fact: Michael Jackson performed of his tour, HIStory World Tour in november of 1996.

Give Charlotte a chance and go visiting the city, remember to check these 3 places. You will have a lot of fun even knowing the city is not really touristy.