LA’s 5 most famous filming locations

We are all aware that the city of angels is easily one of the world's most recognized cities in movies and tv series, everybody has already watched at least one movie filmed in Los Angeles. 

There are many iconic and memorable locations in LA, we have already seen in movies from all kinds. From the violent ones to the romance genre, there is a big list of scenes that were shot in this so amazing city.  

We can say that Hollywood really knows how to immortalize our favorite city in the world. Some locations have been filmed in countless movies. In today’s article we will be sharing the five most famous ones. Check it out:  

1- Griffith Park Observatory: 

This is our top one. There is no discussion that Griffith Park Observatory is the most iconic place in Los Angeles.

The spot is a public observatory, with a beautiful view, including the famous Hollywood Sign. The beautiful building has a museum inside, where you have the chance to learn about the solar system.

There is a big list of movies with scenes there, including some successes like Rebel Without a Casa and La La Land.

2- Santa Monica Pier: 

The place has an unbelievable energy, you feel the magic once you are there. The pier has a particular look, with so many things to do and many young people having fun, this is probably why the spot attracts a big number of tourists every year.

You probably remember Santa Monica Pier from movies like Iron Man or Forrest Gump and if you were a teenager back in the early 2000’s, you surely remember so many scenes from the series 90210 that were filmed there.

3- Venice Beach:  

Probably one of the most iconic spots in California,Venice is a beach for all the tastes. You will surprise yourself with the most hipster beach in the city, and will definitely feel the california vibes. There is a skate lane, cool bars, famous restaurants and many souvenir stores to have fun.

Movies filmed here? There is a massive list, including classics like American History X and more updated ones like Nightcrawler, from 2014.

4- UCLA Campus: 

The university campus is very beautiful, with some historical constructions and big green areas, that is why Hollywood loves to roll there so much.

The campus has been open since 1929 and is located near Beverly Hills.

Everybody that has already watched Legally Blonde remember the scene in UCLA. There are other movies with scenes filmed there, like The Godfather and No Strings Attached.

5- Elysian Park:  

Here is where you will find a different Los Angeles, the place is calm and peaceful.

Many classical movies were filmed here, like City of Angels, Fast & Furious, American Beauty and many others.