How to spend a day in Lisbon

Truth be said, the funniest thing to do is travelling, we would all love spend our whole lives travelling around the world. Especially in Europe, such a historical and beautiful continent and in Europe is located Lisbon, such a delightful city with many attractives neighborhoods where you can have the coolest experiences.  

The perfect deal would be stay like 2 weeks in this city, right? But life is not always what we dream of... But that is totally fine, we’ve made a very specially list for you, with the principal must go/do points for you enjoy the city the most, even if you are staying only for a few hours.

Check it out and have fun:

1- Have a very portuguese breakfast:  

You will have a very big day, so it’s completely needed to have a good breakfast to go throw the whole day.

Lisbon is full of Bakeries, no matter what part of the city you are, you will find a place to have a typical portuguese breakfast.

The portuguese coffe is well known as one of the best in the world. Don’t forget to taste “pasteis de nata", a very delicious portuguese candy, it is a small egg custard tart.

2- Visit the Castelo S. Jorge: 

Back in the days, the Castle used to be a Moorish castle. You can take a tour and explore the ruins of the castle, you will discover many interesting information about the old Lisbon. Besides that, the Castle is in a very high area of the city so it’s possible to observe a panoramic view of the city.

3- Elevador de Santa Justa: 

 One of the oldest and most interesting monuments in the city, and the best: the elevator is public, so, it is free. Opened since the summer of 1902, the whole project was designed by the engineer Raoul Mensier. The elevator can carry at the tops 25 people, the public transportation connects the “Biaxa" Lisbon, to the “Alta" Lisbon, two important zones of the city.

4- Free tour  

If you spend some time at the “Praça Luís de Camões", a square, you will realize that there is a lot of tour companies in the place, and good news: some of the tours are free! You may want to do a reservation first, but sometimes it is not necessary, it depends on what time of the year you are visiting the city.

Most of the tours have 3 hours of durations, but you can leave it anytime you want to.

5- Have lunch:

You are probably hungry now, right? We've already given you 3 tours suggestions. So, take a break because right now it is your lunch time and we have a suggestion: try the Time Out Market Lisboa, you can pick one of the 24 restaurants and 8 bars, in this big place you will find out the best hamburger, the best berbecue, the best of the best of Lisbon is there.

6- Go to Chiado, a Lisbon district:

One of the most traditionals neighborhoods in the city, you’ll love everything about Chiado. You can enjoy the evening buying some souvenirs while you observe the architecture and beauties of the district.

Did you like our tips to spend a morning/day in Lisbon? You will truly love the Portugal's capital.