Have a lovely Christmas in Berlin

Santa Claus is finally coming to town. In Germany, the Christmas celebrations can be magical, especially in Berlin. The city gets so shining and beautiful, with many kids running and playing in the streets, the happiness of Christmas is very clear in the city.

Some people say that Germany is one of the best countries to spend this holiday.

Now we will give you some suggestions of things you can do in this period:

 1- Christmas markets:

There are many Christmas markets in Germany, and Berlin has some of them, actually, the best ones are there.

The Christmas markets definition is: a place with a lot of food, hot drinks, nuts, popcorn, candy, hot drinks and other things you can only find in European Christmas.

If you are in Berlin on the holidays, you must go to the markets.

 2- Take a tour:

Buying a tour is a really good option, once Berlin is a big city and there is a lot of things to do and places to visit, so it is a good option to pay someone to do it, then you will only visit the places you select to.

One thing is for sure: the best way to know the city better in walking, so don’t be scared when you realize the majority of tours you are supposed to walk.

The cool thing taking these tours on Christmas is that the city is even more beautiful than the usual.

 3- Visit museums:

Visiting a museum is a good tip in anytime of the year, in Berlin you will surly learn a lot about history, and the history of Germany. The World Was destroyed Berlin, and the city had to rebuild itself.

Some of the places you must visit is: Holocaust Memorial, East Side Gallery and the Checkpoint Charlie. All of them are really a History class.

 4- Go Christmas shopping:

The best places to shop in December in Berlin are the streets Kurfürstendamm and Schloßstraße, both of them are crowded this time of the year.

You can also shop in the Nikolai Quarter, in the oldest part of the city. Some tourism agencies offer some tours to shop, called “the fashions tours", if you are in to it, we suggest you do it.

You will have the best time celebrating Christmas in Berlin, remember to drink, eat, visit the best spots and just enjoy the holiday. Merry Christmas!