Find out more about Rosario, Argentina

Rosario is the 3rd biggest city in Argentina, and sometimes tourists forget about its existence, but it is actually a charming place and who visits don’t regret.  

It is a city where you can find history in every corner, it is given to the fact that it was when the independence movements started in Argentina, the city also has an amazing nightlife, parks, different actives to do and even a beach.  

If you are thinking about visiting the city, keep reading the article and find out many important points to the tourists.

How to get there:

The city has an international airport, if you are already in Buenos Aires it is also possible to take a bus and the trip take from 4 to 5 hours.  

Where to eat:  

The city is literally well served when we are talking about meals, there are many delicious restaurants you can check, here we will give you 3 tips:  

El Viejo Balcon: located in Italy Street, it is the perfect option to have a not expensive lunch. You can’t go to Argentina without having a barbecue, right?

Ceviche Rosario: The address is Jujuy, 2378 and it is probably the place where you will have the best ceviche of your life, and the restaurant is also very delightful.

Monreal Sandwich: a very simple place, but with the best sandwich you can find in the city, it is probably one of the most traditional restaurants in Rosario too.

Where to shop:  

Shop fans, good news for you! Rosario is way cheaper to shop than Argentina’s Capital, Buenos Aires. The main spot to buy everything is Calle Cordoba, a very important street in the city, where it is possible to find clothes, accessories and many other things with a good price.  

Main tourists attractions:

Cultural Center of Spain Park: Free to get in, the park is a great place to appreciate the view of Parana’s River, also, a good place to relax, take a walk and particle some kind of sport, good choice to take the kids.  

Balneario La Florida: Rosario’s beach, with a wonderful structure, a perfect place to relax at the weekends.

National Flag Memorial: The most famous tourism attraction, located at the Flag’s National Park, right close to the Parana River.