Find out how beautiful Pisa is: 3 places you have to visit

If you are travelling to Tuscany, you will probably visit Pisa, one of the biggest cities of this region. The city is well known by its famous tower, the Tower of Pisa and because is the city where Galileu Galilei was born.    

One of the best things about Pisa is that the important places to visit are very close one of other, at the Piazza dei Miracoli. Therefore, it is possible to visit all of them on the same day.

In this article we will show some touristic informations and historical facts about the city ​​sights.

1- Tower of Pisa: 

This is the place! It is where you will find many people taking the famous picture, as they are “holding" the tower because it seems like is gonna fall. Don’t forget to take your own picture.

You can climb the tower, it is a little bit hard because has 296 steps, but it is worthy because you will have the best view.

The tour lasts about 30 minutes and the ticket is 15€.

2- Baptistery: 


This religious building is dedicated to Saint John Baptist. The construction started in 1152, with the architect Diotislavi, it has the gotic and romantic style in its architecture.

The building is also part of the complex of The Square of Miracles.

3- Campsonato:  

The name is Campsonato Monumentale, in english, old cemetery. The difference about this cemetery and the others is that it was built even before the Tower was finished, it is because the process had to stop many times, because of insatiable ground, and we can see how was the end of the story

How do you feel about visiting Pisa? It is a great idea, right? Remember: the city is small, this 3 constructions we named (and more places too) you will vist in just one day. Pisa is a beautiful city, give it a try.