Find out everything about the Naples nightlife

During the day, the city is all about museums, history and visiting the tourist spots, but after the sun goes down and the night finally comes out, you ask yourself, what can I do here?  

 Don't you worry, because we will help you! Keep reading the article because you will learn 5 tips of fun things to do in this beautiful italian city, you will appreciate it either if you are travelling alone, with your family or with your friends.  

1- Learn how to make the authentic neapolitan pizza:   

This is perfect for the families (and maybe for friends who are traveling together too), you guys will learn how to cook the authentic neapolitan pizza in Naples. What a privilege, right?

Besides teaching you how to cook, the pizza maker will teach everything about this historical meal, how it is prepared, how it became such a legend in the world, the best part is that the dinner is included! Ready to cook your own pizzas?

 2- Libreria Berisio: 

Books lovers, this one's for you; have you ever imagine the combination of a bar and a bookstore? Libreria Berisio is it. The bar is not that expensive and you can have too much fun. If you are alone, reading a book while have drinks seems like a good idea, right?

3- Night clubs:


You are in Naples with your friends looking for a place to have drinks and dance till the sun comes up? Don’t you worry. The city got it!

Here is a list of some night clubs you can check with your crew:  

- Dejavu: This is a lounge bar, with a very contemporary place, it is a perfect spot to have a sensational drink, the tourists always love there.

- Keste: Opened till de 2am, this nightclub is located at the best area for nightlife in the city, this is why sometimes it can gets really crowded.  

Lido Turistico: The Turistico Beach Park will offer you the best night of your entire life, it is totally a place you have to check in the city, the Beach Club is always loved.  

 4- Watch the sunset: 

You may think that this is too romantic or maybe that is something to do with a partner… But, no! Watching the sunset is something amazing to do if you are alone, with your family, or your friends… It is always a good idea.

There are many places to appreciate the beautiful sunset of the city, just pick one of them! After that, you may want to go out to have a dinner, or something. Enjoy!

5- The Teatro San Carlo: 

One of the biggest opera houses in italy and with an amazing acoustics ever, if you are into watch it, you won’t regret.

Ready to the night? Of course, there are many other fun and cool things to do around the city, all of them will create lovely memories.