Cool things to do for free in Melbourne, Australia

Sometimes our budget isn’t the best, and our financial situation isn’t as great was we wanted it to be. But don’t panic. You can still go travelling to Melbourne and have a lot of fun with the 5 tips we will give you today.  

1- National Gallery of Victoria:  

The gallery of the city has a really big collection, with over than 73,000 works of art. It is the biggest gallery of the whole Australia, it is also the oldest one in the country, opened in 1861. The Gallery has a school too, called National Gallery of Victoria Art School, founded in 1867, the institution was very important in the world of arts until 1910.

The collection of the gallery has pieces of art from many important artists, here are some names: Arthur Boyd, Louis Buvelot, Rupert Bunny, Nicholas Chevalier, Charles Conder, David Davies, William Dobell, Russell Drysa and so many others.

So, what do you think of a little bit of art and culture in your trip? And the best of all: for free!

The National Gallery address is 180 Saint Kilda Road, 3006, Melbourne.

2- State Library of Victoria: 

Since the first moment you get inside the library, you just can’t argue of how beautiful the place is. It feels like a movie scenario, because is so enormous and unique. There is no better place in the world to read a book.

since we are talking about books, the State Library of Victoria has a collection of over two millions books. You can also find old newspapers, manuscripts and some audio material about the city’s culture and history.

3- Royal Botanic Gardens: 

It is the perfect getaway of the busy life of Melbourne in this lovely garden, a really excellent place to relax and feel the nature, even inside the chaos of the city.

The place is all about nature, with many exotics and natives plants, actually, the collection has 10.000 of plants.

4- City Circle Tram:  

This one you just can’t miss. The trams are a symbol of the city, totally free, it allows the tourists to visit get to know the city better, it is the best way to find out new things about the city.

The tours include audio commentary, mentioning interesting and historical facts about Melbourne, it also stops in the touristic points.

See? It is completely possible to visit good places for free. We’ve selected only 4 places, but with your imagination you will find new tips by your own too, be ready to have a lot of fun!