Brisbane; where you need to visit in the city

Brisbane will truly surprises you! Just imagine being in a big city, but without that much chaos a big city usually has. First of all, you must know that Brisbane is one of the best cities to live in the entire world

Here you will find a list of five good places to visit while you are visiting:

 1- South Bank: 

This is definitely the best tourism spot in the city, the whole neighborhood has several tourist attractions where you can spend the whole day. The city’s Ferris wheel is right there, it is a good spot to take pictures, and if you are into get in, you will appreciate an amazing skyline of Brisbane, it is unmissable.

Besides the Ferris wheel, there are two museums you can visit in the neighborhood, the Gallery of Modern Art and the Queensland Art Gallery, the place is full of culture, with many activities happening all the year. 

The neighborhood also has many bars and restaurants and even a artificial beach

 2- Streets Beach: 

The streets beach are inside the South Bank, but we thought the beach deserved a special topic. Just imagine this scenario: In the middle of the city, surrounded by buildings, a beach! Of course, it is artificial, but has the whole beach air, there is even a “Surf Club", where you can have some drinks and foods.

Bad news: During the summer months, the beach can get very crowded, but the good news is: the beach is very easily accessible by bus or train.

 3- Roma Street Parkland: 

The park is opened to the public 24 hours a day, the place includes beautiful views, children's playground and many cool events.

 4- Cruise at the river: 

The Brisbane River is one of the principal points of the city, and it is possible to take a tour at the river. The tour has 1-hour duration, where the story about the city will be told for the visitors.

There is a cafe and some stores aboard, where it is possible to buy some souvenirs. You can do it anytime of the day, the cruises start leaving the port at 10:30am.

 5- Queensland Museum: 

Founded in 1862 by the Queensland Philosophical Society. Since that year (actually now from more than 154 years) the museum is a reference when we are talking about Queensland's story, with a massive collection of items.