Berlin’s top 5 attractions:

The first thought that will come to your mind once you are in Berlin the feeling of liberty the city has. We feel that the locals want to be free, without erasing their memories from the past. The city has a history that must be remembered because of the historical facts and all the respect.  

Besides all that, you will notice that there are incredible and shocking attractions to check. Keep reading this article and find out the top 5 attractions most rated by tourists in Berlin:

1- Reischtag: 

It is the german parliament. The building was built in 1894 but in 1933 was burned and completely forgotten after the Second War.

In 1999, Reischtag was rebuilt and became, again, the German Parliament.

If you want to visit, it is needed to book a tour, the building is very beautiful and it is possible to take the tour in many languages.

2- Holocaust Memorial:  

Like we previously mentioned, history can never be forgotten because it can never happen again.

The Holocaust Memorial is one of the most visited places in the city, a place that represnt all the sadnes in german history. The memorial was built to honor all the victims of these terrible event.

To get there by subway is pretty easy, it is very close to Potsdamer Platz Station and the Memorial is open for the public, you don't need to pay for the ticket.

3- Berliner Mauer Gedenkstaette:  

Again, even the bad events must be remembered. The memorial is to remember when German was literally divided in two and many people got killed when trying to run away for the ocidental side.  

In this memorial is possible to know better the history of Berlin’s wall, sad facts and everything about its construction. It is like taking a history class.

4- Sony Center:

This is where the headquarters of Sony is located, it is a modern and cool place, with many stores, restaurants, hotels and many other attractions with a futuristic architecture.

5- Berliner Bom:  

The biggest and greatest church in the city, it is a very beautiful place, where you can take many pictures and learn more about the history of the church.  

It is necessary to pay 7 euros to get in and 10 if you want to have an audio guide with all the history of the place.

There are 270 degrees that you can climb and have a very beautiful view from the city.