Atlanta; the places you need to visit

Welcome to the capital of Georgia, this is where things really happen here and the city is known by being the center where business happens but at the same time, this is the most cultural city in Georgia .

The city is not the most touristic place you could find, but there are many hotspots worth to check, where everybody who is visiting the city have a real good time.  

Atlanta has a very modern way to attract new tourists, it is called “CityPass Atlanta", a ticket that you buy and some hot spots are included, these ones:    

- Georgia Aquarium 

- World of Coca-Cola

- CNN Studio Tour

- Zoo Atlanta OU Center for Civil and Human Rights

- Fernbank Museum of Natural History OU College Football Hall of Fam

3 of these are the best places to check in atlanta, where you and your family will have the best time ever. Check it out:

- CNN Studio Tour:

Every american watches CNN, right? Have you ever thought about getting to know the place? In this tour you have the chance to visit the studios of CNN and learn more about the shows of the huge broadcaster.

You will spend 1 hour in the tour, and it is not allowed to take places in many places of the building, but the visit is more than worthy and you can keep the memories in your head.

 - Georgia Aquarium: 

If you’ve got kids, the Georgia Aquarium is just unmissable because this is where the little ones most love to visit, there are something about the sea that is always attracting our children!

Georgia Aquarium was onces the biggest one in the world, lost its position to Singapore Aquarium, but, still one of the best ones to visit all around the world. It is a really amazing tour, where you will meet new friends from the sea, including penguins and sharks.

Book a whole afternoon to check the aquarium, it is a place to spend something like 3 hours, where you will learn a lot about the sea and the animals.

 - World of Coca-Cola: 

This is where it is possible to understand the whole process of Coca Cola's production, it is also where you will find the original formula of the soda, but this one is the biggest secret in the world.

The is also a museum, with many historical items of Coca.