Aspen; everything you have to know about it

- About Aspen:  

Aspen is the principal destination in the winter for the American people. The trendy spots are in 3 mountains: Buttermilk, Snowmass and Highlands. People who don’t have experience in wild sports usually prefer Snowmass and Buttermilk, with over 40 ski lopes, besides that, you can find ski schools, where  you can take some lessons before trying the sport. It is also possible to rent snowboards.

Besides that, people visiting Aspen love to rent a snowmobile and have a lot of fun around the mountains.

The spot to take pictures is: Maroon Bells, one of the most beautiful places in Colorado.

- Where is it: 

The city of Aspen is located in the Colorado state, in the Roaring Fork Valley, between the Red Mountain,, Smuggler Mountain and the Aspen Mountain.

- How to get there:  

It is possible to get there by car, airplane or bus.

If you want to go by car from Colorado Springs, Denver or Eagle, the roads are very good, with beautiful views. The only issue you may is the snow, sometimes some roads are closed because of it, and you can take some traffic too, obviously.

If you want to flight to Aspen, it is possible to take a flight from some cities, for example: Denver, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta and others.

It is also possible to take a flight to the Eagle’s airport, and drive until Aspen

Going to Aspen by train and bus it is also an option, you have to take a train from Denver to Glenwood, and after that, a bus to Aspen.

- How long should you stay:

If you truly want to live the city and enjoy the most of it, the perfect time to stay is one week, then you will learn how to sky and have a lot of fun.  

- When is the best time to visit:  

The majority of the world wants to visit Aspen in the winter, but the city is a very cool place to visit in the summer too. There are many things to do in both seasons, in the summer the mountain is way less crowded and the night at the hotels are cheaper too.  

The summer time starts in June and lasts until the beginning of september. Enjoy the summer to go to the really good restaurants.

Of course, in the winter, everything gets really expensive and Austin gets more crowded, but is the most beautiful time of the year to visit.