Alone in Dublin? Find out how to have fun

Dublin, Dublin… Such a delightful city, if you are thinking about visiting the city alone, you are right! The city is just perfect to visit by your own, with many fun activities to do. Today’s article we made a list of the 4 places you have to visit if you are alone. Take a look:  

1- Visit the Temple Bar:

In our opinion this is the best district in the city, and it is a good choice for every public, specially if you are by your own. The district has many bars, and once you are alone, you can taste all of them, or none of them, do you know why? Because it is your choice! You will have much fun while drinking a bear, we can guarantee that!

If you are not into have drinks, do you know that this district it also a reference in the city for people who want to visit galleries? Yes, that is right, Temple Bar is all about art.

And finally, the neighborhood is also a good place to shop!

2- National Museums:

The city has 4 museums and visiting any of them will be worthy, first because it is free and second because once you are alone, a visit to a museum becomes a better experience, do you want to know why? Just think about it, you are completely alone and your only two companies are your mind and your thoughts.

And this is good! You will think better, be more creative and learn more about the art in each museums.

Here is a list of the 4 museums in the city:  

- Archaeology Museum

- Museum of Decorative Arts and History

- Natural History Museum

- National Gallery of Dublin

3- Phoenix Park:  

Visiting a park by yourself is a good choice anywhere in the world, and the Phoenix Park is one of Europe’s largest parks, the place has many attractions, like a zoo, the famous herds of deer, the President’s house and so much more.

You can visit some of these places or just take a walk, listen to some music and enjoy your best company: yourself.

4- Great South Wall: 

This is a must visit in the city, either you are alone, with family, with friends, or as a couple. The place next to the bae is unmissable, for real. Enjoy to take as many selfies you want to.

Ready to enjoy Dublin by your own?