A night to remember in Barcelona: 3 things to do in the city

If you have already visited BCN you know what we are going to talk about in this article: there is nothing like a night out there, if you are looking for fun, you found your city in the world.  

Barcelona is one of those cities you don’t ever want to leave, especially at night. The place just keeps calling you and you have to answer and check the funniest spots to visit there.

In today’s article we will be sharing a list with 3 things you will love to do in this so historical and modern at the same time city. Check it out and enjoy:

1- Sunset boat tours and sunset swims (for the summer season):  

The city is on the coast, with many beaches along it. You can centrally pick one of these ones and take a dip at sunset, you will feel very good and with a lot of peace inside of you, because the feeling of being in contact with the ocean, during the sunset, in Barcelona, is indescribable.

The beaches are hotspots of BCN, because of that, you may want to take a trip on a boat while watching the sunset. Sounds great, right? There will be many boat options, for those who are travelling with friends, family and it is even possible to have a date on a boat while watching the sun going down.   

2- Spend some time at the beach during the night: 

Barcelona is a very safe city, you won’t find any trouble while walking along the beach at night. Specially in the summer, Barceloneta (the most famous beach there), has many people on the sand having beers, playing guitar, talking, having a good time.

Another good choice is to have a drink at the bars close to the beach, there are many places where you can find delicious drinks while enjoying the catalan night breeze.

3- Tapas and Wine: 

The city is well known for its Tapas. If you are wondering what it is, here is the definition: Tapas is the name given to canapes, small plates or snacks that originate in Spain.

About the wine? Well, like the majority of the old continent, BCN has many wines worthy of the taste.

There are even some tours, where you can spend 3 hours learning about the culinary scene in the city while having delicious tapas and enjoying a nice wine.