8 things you may not know about Istanbul

Planning a trip to Istanbul? This is the perfect article for you, because we will show some interesting curiosities about the city, including 7 facts you have never even heard about. Ready?  

One of the most visited cities around the world, with a big population- over 15 million of people- this city will surprise you; Istanbul shows us a historical city, located between two seas and two continents, Europe and Asia.

You will find a modern city, but also with really classical characteristics and that is exactly what is the city all about. Keep reading the article and surprise yourself.

Let’s get to the interesting facts now:  

1- A really old subway:  

Actually, the third oldest one in the entire world, staying only behind the London Subway and New York  City Subway. Besides that, it is the first subway in Europe, it was built in 1875.

2- Many tourists from Europe: 

The top 3 countries people come from to visit Istanbul is: Germany, Russia and France.

3- The city was a inspiration for several authors:  

Agatha Christie, for example, wrote "Murder on the Orient Express" in Istanbul and many other authors were inspired by the city too, like Paul Theroux and Orhan Pamuk.

4- A really crowded city:  

We already know that right now, Istanbul has a big population, but it was once renowned the crowdest city all around the world, but a long time ago, in 1502.

5- Good place to visit:   

The Travelers Choice Destination Awards renowned Istanbul as the best city to visit in 2014, this is pretty important, right? We must mention that a thousand tourists voted in the city.

6- The Grand Bazaar: 

A must visit in the city, the place seems like a huge maze, and the name already says: it is a spot to shop, but different than anything you have already seen in your life.

Be careful because it is always crowded.

7- Many Bathrooms:  

This is probably the most nonsense fact in this list, but it's also interesting: While the Empire Ottoman existed, the city used to have 1400 public bathrooms.

8- About taxi drivers:  

Most of them ,don’t speak english, so, you may want to call one by your mobile.

After all this fact, we can all agree on something, Istanbul is a very picturesque city and this facts came to prove it. It is definitely a place where you will want to spend many days.