7 things to do in London at night

We already know that London is always surprising everybody, but in the article, you will discover some interesting experiences you can have in the city, we have made this list to all kind of people, since the ones who are looking for partying to those who are interested in art and history. Take a Look:

1- “Late" night museums:

The museums are a London symbol, but, did you know some of them have a night program? Some of them have events, cinema exhibitions, workshops, or you can just make a tour. Here are some museums with night program: Horniman Museum, Dulwich Picture Gallery, V&A, National Gallery, Natural Portrait Gallery, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, and so much others.

2- Watch a movie in a fancy cinema or in an open-air cinema:

This amazing city has many fancy cinemas, it is a completely new experience: you can order some drink, have some good food, and lie back your sofa seat while you are watching your chosen movie. We’ve selected some places you can do it: Electric Cinema, Picturehouse Central and the Phoenix.  

We know that London and Sun usually are not in the same phrase, only if it is like: “We never have sun in London." However, the city has its moments. In the summer, you can a catch a movie outdoors; there are some options for you at Somerset House.

3- Go to a Pub in Farringdon:

London is well known by having many pubs, but some of the best ones are in Farrindgon neighbor.  

4- Party hard at nightclubs:

When we are talking about nightclubs, London leaves nothing to be desired. There are some good options for you to choose, since big (massive) nights to the small ones. Maybe XOYO is the most famous one, if you like to enoy good music with a big crowd, you will have the time of your life. The Fabric mega club is another place where you can enjoy your night while you are listening to the world’s most famous DJ.  

5- Walk along the Thames River:

This is free, cool and an amazing experience. You won’t spend any money and will have some time to think about life, enjoy the view or listen to your favorite music in your earphones. If you have company, this will be a very romantic walk.  

6- Comedy Shows:

You can watch a show in some old pub or in massive events, like in the Apollo theatre. Bet on the British’s sense of humor, it will be worthy.  

7- Have dinner:

The oldest restaurant in London was founded in 1798, the Rules. If you are looking for a traditional British food, go there. The city has many restaurants, for all the tastes. You can find places with the typical British fish and chips or have some Japanese food, hamburger, and many other options.