6 ways to save money at Disney, Orlando

Going to Disney World is a dream come true! Sometimes, we don't have so much money to spend, you know, we are... a little bit broken. But that's totally fine, you can still have the time of your life with our tips! 

1- Bring some snacks

There is some delicious restaurants at Disneyland, it is true… But you are completely capable of resisting that temptation if you bring your own snacks. It is ok to bring your own food, as long as it is not in a glass container. (This is at Disneyland Resort’s FAQ page).

Therefore, you can bring some chips, or some healthy snacks, like mixed nuts, a piece of fruit and other options. This food will really help you during the day.

 2- Don’t forget a water bottle 

If you have already been to Disneyland, you know: you are going to walk the whole day around the park, so be sure you are hydrated during the day. The park has many water fountains to fill your bottle when you are running out of water.

 3- Check the weather and bring you own raincoat 

A raincoat at the park will be like 20 dollars. Even if you are travelling to Disney in the summer, it will rain someday. (We are not being pessimist here).

Besides that, it is important to check the weather to get some sunscreen and sunglasses. Not even Walt Disney can control the weather. In worst scenarios: it will rain. However, you will have your own raincoat.

 4- UBER(or car pool) 

Parking at Disney’s complex is very expensive. You can always park outside Disney, but you will have to walk (it might be an issue if you are travelling with your children).

If you want to save yours family and friends feet: here is the tip: Request for an Uber! (Or other car app). If you are travelling with your friends you can all split the price, so it will be way cheaper, you can bet.

5- Character Meals

While you are having you meal, a few Disney characters go take pictures with you, do some high fives, the mission is to entertain youyour family and friends. This is a must do at Disney, but it can be really expensive if you are having dinner with the princesses, but we have a tip if you want to save your money: Have breakfast with the characters, it is way cheaper!

 6- Do not buy souvenirs inside the parks 

Seriously, it will save you a lot of money. If you look for your souvenirs at supermarkets or drug stores will be really cheaper.

Disney parks can be expensive places. Here are some places you can go: Walmart, Walgreens and Disney Store at Florida mall.

Have a nice trip!