5 things to do in Vienna with kids

Vienna is known for being the city of music, because of its legacy musical, and a place with a lot of culture and history with many museums and nice spots to check, but we bet that your children won’t really care about all these autribitions.  

Kids just wanna have fun. In their own and so particular way of course. We understand that travelling with these little angels can’t always be easy.

Luckly, like every big city in the world, Vienna has many attractions to take the little ones, spots that they will have their best lives and you will thank us later.

To help you with that, we will be sharing a list with five of those places. Take a look and enjoy it:

1- Schönbrunn Zoo:  

 We must agree that almost every child in the world is obsessed with animals and visiting them at the Zoo.

The Vienna’s Zoo, Schonbrunn, is a paradise for kids. Your family will literally spend an entire day there, including the biggest attractions: the giant pandas. There are literally more than 600 species of animals, including penguins, antares and others.

The zoo is located at Schönbrunner Schlosspark, 1130.

2- Wiener Riesenrad:  

This iconic of Vienna is a must go in the city, especially with your kids.

The ferris is located at the entrance to the Printer, a place with rollers coasters, restaurants and many other fun things that will light up your children’s soul.

3- Vienna Museum of Technology: 

Kids are not real fans of museums, but this one is different. Is that kind of place where you can get hands on the experience, with many interactive stations, so many buttons to press (I know your babies love to do that!)

4- Schönbrunn Palace: 

Very close to the Vienna Museum of Technology, so you may want to visit both of them in the same day.

The palace is maybe the place to spend an afternoon with family, with a big green area and a massive playground.

5-House of Music: 

Like we said in the beginning of this article, Vienna is known as the city of music. Because of that, the House of Music museum was built there in 2000, inaugurating the first museum of music and audio in Austria.  

Taking the kids there is a good opportunity to make them have their first contact with music, they will love a room in the museum called the “prenatal listening", where you can listen to many sounds, including what a baby hears in the mother’s womb, fart sounds and many other fun ones.