5 things to do in Los Angeles at night

The city of angels is the second most populous city in the America, staying only behind New York. Well Known by beeing  the city of the american celebrities, the city was already in many movie scenarios, it gives a cool air to the city, you'll fee like you are in a movie. This very fun city have many things to do, we have made a list of some god spots you can visit and enjoy at night. Check it out!

1- Griffith Observatory 

It is one of the best places to see the Los Angeles view. You can watch the sunset there (if you arrive early), or enjoy the view of the city lights. You will have to walk, but the hike is truly worth it.

It is located at the Griffith Park.

2- Santa Monica Pier  

It is a place full of people, music and neon lights at the night. Perfect to watch the sunset, the sky gets beautiful at this time of the day. If you are in love, the Santa Monica Pier is the perfect spot for a romantic and lovely date, but if you are with your friends, the place is perfect to have a dinner or drinks. If you are by yourself, just sit in the pier and watch the amazing sunset.

3- California Donuts  

Are you looking for a 24 hours donuts shop? Los Angeles has it. The store is opened since the 80s; it is the perfect choice if you dying to have a candy at 4 am. California Donuts it’s located in Koreatown, you’ll find all kind of donuts there, classic, colorful, modern. The trouble will be in choosing only one of them!

4- Urban Lights 

If you live in the United States of America, you have already seen someone in your Instagram posting a selfie there. The perfect is perfect for photos.

Located right in front of Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the place is very romantic and sweetie. The Urban Lights it’s one of the place where “Strings Attached" were filmed. that sad scene where Natalie Portman dump Ashton Kutcher. Who could she? Whatever have happened with the couple there, doesn’t stop you from going there and some really cool photos!  

It is like 202 vintage street lamps ready for you.

5- Dinner at Chinatown


Chinatown is a very vibrant and happy neighborhood, with a lot of particulars restaurants, the place is very illuminated with red and yellow lights.

In the summer, it gets even cooler and special, you can find some really cool parties hosted by local radio station, KCRW. The party happens in Plaza, very near to a subway station, called Metro Gold Line’s Chinatown, and it’s free to get in.

Enjoy your summer night in Chinatown!

Ready to enjoy LA at night?