5 things to do by yourself in Manchester

Are you looking for a city with history, world-renowned restaurants, an exciting nightlife, art exhibitions, and many other good qualities? Well, welcome to Manchester. The city is a full experience of culture, where you will enjoy every second of this amazing trip.

If you are travelling alone, don’t you mind. Having the experience of visiting a new place by yourself can be way better than with others. Afterl, the trip is only yours and the schedule is all up to you.

There almost too much to do in Manchester alone and in in this article we will be sharing a list with 5 of these places, take a look:

1- Sea Life Manchester:

By visiting Sea Life Manchester Aquarium you will have the best sea excursion, having the opportunity to learn more about aquatic life and many different kinds of species, including lionfish, stingrays, sharks and jellyfish.

The ticket is USD 23, and the good news about being by yourself there? You can spend as much time as you want checking this fun place.

2- Visit the Etihad Stadium:

If you are into sports, especially in football, this tour will be the time of your life. The tour offers a good behind the scenes experience of the Manchester City Football Club’s Etihad Stadium, where you will have the opportunity of visiting even the press conference room!

The tour guide will tell everything about the club’s history, including the highlights of the club and its best players. In the end, don’t forget to buy some souvenirs at the gift shop, the ticket gives you 10% on all products.

3- Northern Quarter:

You have to meet this area from the city. The neighborhood is vibrating, with many cool bars and alternative places, including stores and places with live music, especially indie bands (very british city!)

It is where the culture of Manchester is at, there are many art galleries to check there, including the Manchester Craft and Design Center and the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art

4- Take a ride on a canal cruise:

Have a different view of the city, with a new perspective from a cruise. What a better idea? The whole tour lasts about an hour and there is an audio documentary telling the canal's history while the whole thing is happening.

5- Manchester Central Library:

If you are an architecture lover, there are high chances to fall in love with this beautiful building. The library is a must see in the city, with one of the biggest collections of books in the entire country.