5 things to do at night in Buenos Aires

Argentina’s capital is full of attractions and cool spots to visit at night, a list that goes from cheap restaurants to fancy nightclubs. It is definitely a place where all kinds of people can have a great time, if you are travelling alone, a family trip or even looking for a crazy night with your friends.  

To help you, we’ve decided to share 5 suggestions of things you can do during the night in this amazing and surprising city. Check it out now:

1- Have dinner in a cool restaurant:  

Good news: the city has many! From those who can’t spend that much money and for those who are looking for a very fancy meal, including some of the best restaurants of Latin America. 

There are some typical dishes you have to try once you are in Argentina, like Empanadas, that are some tasty pastries, disks of puff pastry folded filled with a variety of flavors, like meal and cheese.

Also, Buenos Aires is famous for its beef, you must try it, it is very delicious.

2- Go to a nightclub:  

The city is full of popular nightclubs, the nightlife really rocks. This is the perfect opportunity to have fun with your friends, here is a list of nome nightclubs you can enjoy in the city:

- Asia Club Buenos Aires

- Kika Club

- Jet Lounge

- Club Museum


- Crobar

3- Puerto Madero:

Puerto Madero is probably the most beautiful neighborhood at night in the city, the match of the buildings and the river is perfectly amazing, and you feel the whole big city vibe walking close to the river, it is definitely a good night walk.

Also, the region has one of the most famous bars and restaurants.

4- Attend to a Tango Show:

 Visting the city where the tango was born and not attending a show is impossible, right? There are many options, literally in every corner you will find a place where you can enjoy a night and watch some tango show.

5- Have drinks at a pub:

By drinks maybe we meant wine, or both of them, or choose your favorite. The city is famous for its very good wines, you have to try at least some of them!

Here comes a curiosity: the pubs are kind of hidden in the city, it is inspired in the United States from the old days when drinking alcohol was illegal.