5 reasons to visit NYC in the winter

The coldest time of the year has come in the center of the world, the big apple is freezing and the winter isn’t half over yet.   

Are you planning a trip to New York? If the answer is yes and you ended up in this article you may have heard phrases like “Don’t visit NYC in the winter", “there is nothing to do there in the winter", “so much better in the summer". We are here to prove they are all wrong.

How can the city where dreams are made of be a bad choice, even when the temperature is low?

Here are five reasons why visiting new york city in the winter is actually a good idea: 

1- Fewer people on the streets:  

Especially in times of a pandemic, this is great. Manhattan is all crowded in the warmer months and having the possibility to walk around the city without many people is a good thing for you. Even Times Square won’t be as crowded as it always is.

2- It’s cheaper:  

From flights to accommodation in the city, everything is way cheaper than in the summer months. Also, in the winter it will be easier to find available rooms in great hotels that are crowded in other times of the year.

If you don't mind flying on Christmas and New Years, your wallet will thank you, the tickets are at their best prices these holidays.

3- Central Park looks just like in the Christmas movies:

Everybody had already watched a Christmas movie set at Central Park, right? When visiting the city in the winter you have the chance to see it with your own eyes.

The park is beautiful in all the seasons of the year, but there is nothing like seeing the Central Park covered with white now, it really looks like a movie.

4- Post Christmas Sale:

It is impossible to visit the city and shop, even for those who don’t like it, eventually you will end up at Macys.

All the stores in the city are dying to sell the clothes they meant to sell as a presentes some weeks before, therefore, everything is cheaper.

5- You will feel like you are at a fashion catwalk:

New York has a fashion industry and this is not a secret. When the winter comes, it is time to start seeing some fashion people walking around the streets using what is trendy when talking about clothes, especially on the Upper East Side, a little bit like Gossip Girl clothes.