5 places you can't miss in Liverpool

Besides all the uncountable pubs and all the history of the Beatles in Liverpool, the city has many other fun activities to do. Including amazing tourist attractions and too much history in every corner of the city.  

Is one of those cities that it is not love at first time, but you end up falling for the city in 1 or 2 days as soon as you start to notice all the beauties the place has.

To prove to you that the city has many cool spots to visit, we’ve decided to make a list with five places and attractions you can check once you are there, enjoy it:

 1- Anfield Road:   

Built in 1885, it is the stadium of Liverpool. Some people believe that the stadium is the most important point of the city. If you have the chance to watch a game here, you will feel one of the most amazing energies ever. The people who support Liverpool have a true love for the club.

 2- The Cavern Club:

This one is for the Beatles fans, it is the place where the band started, the group made at least 292 performances in the bar. In front of the bar you can see a statue of John Lennon.

If you are a Beatles fan this place will truly touch your heart.

 3- Radio City Tower:

The biggest observation tower in Liverpool, it is 138 meters tall, the second tallest building in Liverpool.

It opens every day, including Holidays, from 10:15 am until 5:15pm, there is no limit to stay in the visit.

 4- Museum of Liverpool:

After London, Liverpool is the winner in number of museums and art galleries. The most famous one is the Museum of Liverpool.

The museum shows the history of the city, including photograph files and other cool stuff for those who are interested in art and history.

 5- Liverpool Cathedral:

The cathedral remains some old movies, you will probably feel like you are in another decade. It is a very big church and you can see the whole city from the tower.