5 places to visit in San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico

First of all, what do you know about San Miguel de Allende? We have a lot to tell you about this so particular city. In 2008 it was considered as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, in this city, the art and history lovers will have their best time ever. The city is as cosmopolitan as historical, it is well known by its cobblestone streets and amazing architectural details. Here is a list of 6 places you can visit while you are in city, enjoy! 

 1- San Miguel Arcangel Church: 

 Probably this is the most visited place by the tourists, located at San Miguel Plate, it is very impressive how beautiful the church it. And, the church has something unique, it was built in the XVIII century wit a very specific rock, called "cantera" stone. It is the only chuck in the world like this.

Besides the chuck, the square is well served with restaurants, local stores and tradicional bars, a good opportunity to feel to true Mexico.

 2- Crafts market: 

There’s nothing better to do if you wanna get into the city’s vibe. If you are looking for some authentic souvenirs and wanna buy a regalito (a gift, in spanish), go there. Everything you find will be really mexican, very typical.

 3- Natural Hot Springs:  

It is actually 20 minutes outside of San Miguel Allende, but, the place is magic. Called La Gruta Spa, is a natural hot spring known for healing mineral water.

The place is served with 3 pools, all of them are naturally heated. Many people visit the place, so usually has some line to get in the pools. Needing to take turns to get massaged by falling water.

 4- Public Library of San Miguel  

It is called “La Biblioteca", in spanish, it offers english, piano, art, acting, painting and other classes to the San Miguel de Allende children. A very unique building, definitely worth to vist. 

 5- Instituto Allende: 

Built in 1736, but it only opened as a school a long time after that. It was opened in 1951Now a days, the campus is opened and you can visit, it is free but if you are interested, it is possible to take some workshops too (it has to pay). There is a list of workshops the travelers can take, including: photography and painting classes.