5 places to have a lovely date in Turin, Italy

First things first: Italy is already a romantic country, maybe it is because is filled with history, museums and art, and Turin may not be your first option when thinking about a romantic experience, right? You have probably considered visiting Venice, Florence or maybe Rome with your love, but what about Turin? You should consider it, and we will show you the reasons why. 

In today’s article we will show 5 places you can visit in the city as a couple

Villa Della Regina:  

Don’t you worry about which season you are visiting the Villa Della Regina, the palace is always beautiful. Walking around the place with your date will be a fantastic experience. Until the 19th century, the place was home of duchesses, princesses and queens, it is pretty exciting visiting this place as a couple, right?

Teatro Regio Torino: 

If you are into art, or your partner into it -or both of you- you may want to check the Opera House of the city, where it is possible to watch ballet, concerts and musicals. That is a very romantic thing to do.

Watch the sunset: 

The city has some great spots to watch the sunset, there are many rivers where you can even fall more in love with your partner. Buy some wine and some food, have a lovely picnic and admire how beautiful is the sunset in Turin.

Valentino Park in Turin

The park is one of the oldest ones in the city, with over 420,000 square meters, the Valentino will have your heart. An Awesome place to invite your bae, where you can enjoy the nature, walk, eat and maybe even ride a bike.

Have dinner in a restaurant:  

The last but not the least important, having romantic in an italian city may seem like a cliche, the truth is that is actually farm from that, it is a lovely and romantic experience.

Here are some good restaurants in the city:

- Etaly

- Consorzio

- Osteria di Pierantonio

- Magorabin

- Vintage 1997

And now, having second thoughts about visiting Turin as a couple? We promise you, it will be a nice and unforgettable trip. Just enjoy!