5 places in Mexico City you must visit

Are you planning to visit the Mexico City? This city is one of the most visited ones by the American population, and of the most populated cities in the whole world, a very cosmopolitan place with many big cities attributes. There are many spots to discover in this surprising city

In the article you’ll read about 5 five spots you have to visit once you are in the city. Check it out our selection and find out about the true Mexico’s essence.

1- Monumento a la Revolución:

Located at the Plaza de La Republica, in Mexico’s city center, the monument celebrates the Mexican revolution.

The whole project was made by Carlos Obregón Santacilia, and finished in 1938, considered one of the most important spots of the city.

The tourists can do a tour in the monument; the place has a little museum, where the visitors can learn more about the revolution, with documents, photographs, masterpieces and other objects. The tour also shows to the visitors some hidden details of the construction, if you opt for the full tour, in the end you’ll be surprised with a spectacular city view.

2- Plaza de las Tres Culturas:

In this archaeological site the visitors will learn about the 3 cultures of Mexico, the Aztec culture, the Spanish culture and the modern Mexican culture.

The place was a battle scenario in the beginning of the 16th century. The Spanish settlers beat the Aztecs people, opening space to the full achievement of the country. You can think about this tragic and bloody battle while you are looking to Aztec pyramid.

3- Torre Latinoamericana:

It is a building located right in the historical center of Mexico’s city, it was once considered the biggest building ever built in the world out of the USA. The building has already suffered many big earthquakes and never happened to it.

Climbing to the building top is a unique experience, especially if you like to observe the city views from the top. Besides that, the tower has a restaurant, a café, a museum and a souvenir store.

4- Casa Azul:

If you think about Mexico, you may think about Frida Kahlo and her expressive art. The “Casa Azul", in English, “The blue house" is the house where Frida and her lover, Diego Rivera, lived for many years. The house invites you to find out more about Frida’s life, including her ideologies thoughts and her art. 

The house is located at the Coyocán neighborhood and you can get there by subway.

5- Basilica de Guadalupe:

It is a top Catholic destination, the legend says that this is the place where the Virgen of Guadalupa appeared to Cuauhtlatoatzin, it is the third world most visited religious site.