5 fun things to do in Seville

Seville is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, the first thing that comes into our minds about the spanish city is: dance, delicious food, fun and history. What else can a place ask for? There are many cool and interesting things to do in Anadaluzia's capital.

Full of history, and once, was already nominated as the most important city of the country, in the 16th century.

What can go wrong when visiting Seville? Nothing. To make this trip even better, here are 5 places you can visit while enjoying this journey:

1- Visit Seville Cathedral:

Wake up early and go straight to the cathedral, its construction started in 1433 and finished being the 3th largest cathedral in the world and the largest one in Spain.

In 1987 UNESCO declared it as a world heritage, therefore, visiting the place is unmissable in the city.

You will see the Giralda Tower in the Cathedral and is also the place where Cristovão Colombo remains.

2- Lunch at Plaza de España:

Built in 1929, here is where you will see the most important buildings of the city, the whole square was projected by Anibal Gonzalez.

The square has many interesting/great restaurants, where you can have a delicious meal with your best company: yourself.

After eating, you can take a walk in the square and pay attention to all the interesting facts about the banchs. There are 48 one them, and each one represents one of the 48 Spain’s provinces.

3- Metropol Parasol: 

This peculiar construction is a great place to check by yourself, because you will spend a lot of time thinking about how it has no relation with the rest of the city, it is because Seville has this historical architecture, and this construction is everything but historical.

Visit the spot, you will spend only 5 euros and have the chance to take pictures in the biggest wood construction of the world.

5- Watch a Flamenco Show:

The Baraka Sala Flamenca is a great option, only 20 euros to watch the show (with a free drink).

A flamenco night always ends up with many new friendships and music! Enjoy this opportunity!