5 fun things to do for free in Miami

When we think about our favorite South Florida’s premier vacation destination the first thing that comes to mind is: rich people, expensive restaurants, five star hotels, famous nightclubs, fancy stores. Yes, that may be the celebrities itinerary in the city.  

But what about the ordinary people who are visiting Miami? Don’t worry, we know that we are all thinking that is time to save some money -especially after this terrible 2020-.  

Considering that, in today’s article we will be sharing a list with five suggestions of free things to do in the city.  

Take a look:  

1- Free beach day:  

It is time to soak up the sun on South Beach. There are more than 825 miles of sandy coastline where you can enjoy a perfect day with only the sunlight and the sea.

It is undeniable that the main attraction of the city is the weather, which is always and forever free.

2- Free art walks:  

Walking is also free, even in a city with so many celebrities. Miami is the home of Art Basel Miami Beach, where you can find many pieces of art and many notable artists showing their pieces of work in the streets.

Don’t forget to check The Wynwood Art Walk, the most famous art walk in Miami, you will love the place and there are also gallery visits and some local boutiques there.

3- Enjoy a free Yoga Class at Bayfront Park: 

Yes, you read it right. The public park, Bayfront, is located in the heart of downtown Miami and has classes every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Tuesday and Saturday.

The classes have many different varieties of ways and are always a good thing to do as a fun activity.

4- Watch a movie for free:  

A place with so much art and history like Miami begs for free movies spaces and the city has it. The SoundScape at the New World Center has fre night movies on some Wednesdays. Rain or shine, you can watch a free movie in this amazing city.

5- Visit a museum for free: 

There are two museums in the city where you can always visit for free, the MDC Museum of Art and Design and the Institute of Contemporary art in the Design District. Also, the Perez Art Museum has free admission on the second Sunday of every month.

The city really breathes art in every corner and is waiting for you.