5 fun facts about Bali

 Bali is a very peculiar island located in Indonesia, the country is majority Muslim, but Bali doesn’t follow this line. In the whole country the language spoken is Indonesian, but the island has its own language, the Balinese

The whole planet have the idea of Bali like this: a very small island, with a few people just enjoying life, but it’s not exactly like this, the city has some traffic and a very big population.

The natives live in far areas from the center of the island and the visitors usually want to check Ubud, Seminyak and Kuta.

This place has some unique traditions and curious facts, today we will show you six of them:  

1- Baby tradition:  

The next months after a Balinese baby is born he or she is carried every in every single place, because they are not supposed to touch the ground, they really must not touch. This is because the babies are considered an angel, they a pure soul and essence.

In the right time comes, when they achieve the three months, a big ceremony is organized and they can finally touch the ground.

2- Most expensive coffee in the whole world: 


Once you are in this magical island you will have the chance to try a coffee made from civet droppings, the most expensive coffee ever, sometimes you can find if for 50 dollars, one cup!

The Kopi Luwak (this expensive coffee) is produced in Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi and in Bali.

3- Black Sand:  

 Maybe your Bali’s image is beaches with tropical beaches and a very beautiful scenery, and the island has it. But, in the other hand Bali got black sand too. For example: Keramas Beach, Amed and Lovina Beach.

This is because of the cooled lava of the Mt Agung volcano.

4- Fishes, many fishes:  

The Indonesian waters are the home of many fishes, more than 3000 species found in the Great Barrier Reef.

5- The tourism is the principal active in the island:  

This fact may not shock you, but it is important to me mentioned. Bali is completely dependent of the tourism, 80% of the island’s economy is all about tourism.

Bali is one of the most visited places in the world.

6- Natives don’t have very creative first names:   

The people who were born in Bali don’t name the babies like: Maria, Serena, Joseph. When they have children the names are like: first born, second Born, third born.

So, what are you waiting to visit Bali? The culture is so different, it’s good to try new things.